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Labels Activation

Labels - where can I activate them? I checked in Pages and Blocks. Does Labels require a module? I did find Tags for a particular block...

I am learning so much as I rebuild my site. Every problem is an opportunity to learn new things. Thanks everyone.

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  • So each Label has to be pre-assigned before it can be used?  I saw Labels in the Forms module... I guess I better stick with Categories then. I need to avoid complications and redundancies. I thought labels were like hashtags in Twitter - created on the fly.

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    • Yes, I agree with you about the redundancies, but they can come in addition. For example, I only use them for profiles, to define interests, so a member interested in astronomy can easily find other members with the same interest. I could have done with the categories, but the presentation is different and I think it is better in this case.

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      • Can you please explain how to use labels and what it could be used for?

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        • and see my explanations above. in this example, add the list in the person module parameters, add the labels field to the profiles. Me I rename in "tags" I find is better.



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          • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok. I get it now... This is neat. I wanted to have this on my site but I was using # instead to hack it. 

            Thank you so much 

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