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Standard birth date field

I really do not understand why you do not include a standard date field. What is the social network that does not ask you for registration?

I know it is now possible to create it, but if each creates this field with a different system name, I'm afraid you are closing the door for future numerous modules that need it to work.

For example, a simple module that wishes a happy birthday to members is then impossible to create. You have a lot on boonex market who work with this field.

Plus then you can add it in Dolphin Connect as well as sex.

Currently, if a member joins UNA site with Dolphin Connect, the date field displays 0000-00-00. Awesome !

Also if the field is 0000-00-00 then it would not show up.

What is your opinion on this issue?

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  • Thank you for the suggestion, we'll consider to add these fields:


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    • I am very happy with this answer, thank you very much

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      • Exact. A birthday field is very important.

        So, i can't create a new field "Birth date"

        In System Title* i enter "Birthday" but...

        Error message : A name with at least 3 characters is required.  

        It's a big problem. We can't open a website without this field.

        Have you this problem too ?

        Thanks in advance

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        • Hello, no, you probably have several languages installed. When you create a field, you must complete the fields for ALL languages. As long as this is incomplete, you can not back up.
          I think your problem comes from that.

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          • Thanks a lot !  I'll try 

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