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UNA 10 Beta 2 Released

The second beta with 30 bugfixes, Notifications for Reactions and Search by Radius in custom search forms is here. 

Release details: https://github.com/unaio/una/releases/tag/10.0.0-B2

Please, note that you must upgrade to UNA10b1 to be able to upgrade to the second beta. 

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  • Tried that, does not work for me

    • This is my cron setup, does not work...

      • hard to say what is entered really... did you put "cronurl https://..." in it?

        It's a server local path like httpdocs/periodic/cron.php or similar

        • So, as I understand, there is no any help/tutorial for UNA platform users how to setup CronJob?

          • That is an odd looking command. Go into your Studio > Dashboard > click the down arrow next to Host Tools and click Server Audit.. Scroll down until you see the Cron Jobs under Site Setup - You will see what your command should be. Mine looks like this (thats all one line btw):

            /opt/plesk/php/7.1/bin/php -q /var/www/vhosts/mywebsite.com/httpdocs/periodic/cron.php

            Maybe you have the wrong command in your Cron Job setup???

            • This is what I see in Site Setup section

              • there is nothing special in UNA to set up a cronjob, it's like any other cron job as well.

                • I have another website, everything is ok with cron. I am trying to setup it in the same way , but it does not work. Please look attached image

                  • That other site is not a UNA/BoonEx site. Check out this post I did for upgrading to Betas and see if it helps. I explain how to "force" you cron job to run. I would try that and give it a few minutes to see if you get the success email. If it works, your cron setup is wrong.


                    • Ok, don't know your management software. With that screenshot the settings look ok. What happens if you rename the .htaccess in /perdiodic to something else and try to call the url manually in browser? (please rename the .htaccess back after that)

                      • Yes, tried that, no any effect, when I post the link it in browser, it says what permission denied

                        • Tried that. When i post the link it in browser, it says what permission denied...

                          • it is denied cause of the .htaccess

                            If you have it rename to e.g. Xhtaccess it should work. Else something is broken somewhere in your server config

                            • What trunky said.. 😂  - Make sure you change it back when you're finished. 

                              • Will I have to rename all .htaccess  files in all folders?

                                • only the one .htaccess in periodic folder (where the cron.php file is)

                                  • There is no such file...

                                    • it should look like this.

                                      If not, you miss some files, which explains the problem :)

                                      • OW Visuals - You may want to start a new discussion regarding your cron job issue. Might be a little easier to track instead of posting in the release post. 

                                        • Remember, in some file systems and ftp programs those files are there but they are "invisible."

                                          • I am an Idiot, there was hidden files option anabled, it is the reason why .htaccess was hidden... everythig is ok now, sorry guys....

                                            • OK - Was able to verify with Anton L that there is an issue with the "Update" portion of the UPF (United Post Form) and they will discuss and create a ticket for it. In the mean time, I have disabled that block and put the default "Post to public feed" block back and it works as expected. 

                                              • Well, BETA 2 looks to be another successful milestone! 

                                                Hopefully, there will not be another shoe to drop... Haha. (That's a figure of speech that means we hope that something unexpected will not occur.)

                                                It would be nice to hear from several others who had no issues before we draw our own conclusions. And attempt to update our own sites.

                                                Truly, at this point, no news is good news.

                                                • have an issue that the Protean logo is missing in Studio, only a blue dot left

                                                  • trunky - I am not having that issue. Did you clear your site cache AND your browser cache by chance?

                                                    • Scotti (Lehigh Valley Social) if you have auto-updates enabled then you will be automatically updated from 10.0.0-B1 to 10.0.0-B2

                                                      To update from 9.0.1 to 10.0.0-B1 you need to do some steps manually - https://una.io/page/view-post?id=241

                                                      • Its not the same case for me cause I am also using 10.0.0 B1 and I can't upgrade even with force updates

                                                        • After forced update to Beta 2, due to modules alleged to be modified by 88%, I lost one of my main members. By "lost" I mean he now appears as "unknown." 

                                                          Yes, I cleared all the caches from the Dashboard. I think I can find his id number. 

                                                          Can I recover him? How?  Can I create a new (fake) user and change their id to his? Would the new Author Number also have to be changed, too?

                                                                   Thank you.

                                                          • otherperson  it maybe your site was moved or you've just copied files, and  ftp clients can modify new line chars. Please follow upgrade instructions here:


                                                            • My site has been upgraded several hours ago. I have cleared Cache. In the app market there are no modules showing that need to be updated. Should there be?

                                                              • Yes Alex, that is the only explanation of the "modified" files which were copied via ftp. Ahhhaaaa!

                                                                I use the Fetch ftp client for Mac. Can you offer any advice about these ftp encoding settings for a unix hosting server? Do I need unicode? Any other settings which might be affecting such a direct transfer of UNA files?

                                                                On a related matter, what does this 'false' setting do? define('BX_FORCE_USE_FTP_FILE_TRANSFER', false);

                                                                Should it be changed to 'true' if one were uploading a UNA file?

                                                                Much thanks to YOU! I hope you are having a good day!

                                                                • 'Search by Radius'


                                                                    • trunky 

                                                                      I have two additional JS files in inc/js and updater is complaining about that... can't it just ignore additional files? (I have enabled Force Update now to fix it...)

                                                                      You should be able to upgrade, please refer to these instructions:


                                                                      • otherperson you are welcome
                                                                        Preferred encoding is UTF-8, also you can upload/download all files in binary(not text) mode, so no modifications will be performed during upload/download.

                                                                        BX_FORCE_USE_FTP_FILE_TRANSFER - it's better to leave it as it is, it's left from Dolphin where modules were uploaded via FTP

                                                                        • Tim Burleigh  If you have auto-updates enabled then modules are automatically updated (within a minute) after the system update.

                                                                          • No, using lnt/lat coordinates. 

                                                                            • banister UNA update don't delete any profiles, it maybe user themselves or site admin deleted this profile, it difficult to guess if it's possible to restore anything without checking the database. Also in the future we plan to allow admin to change ownership for the content.

                                                                              • yes I was updating when I have enable "Force update...". It was more thought as enhancement that maybe additional files (so files which aren't part of original UNA) just being ignored and not seen as "modified".

                                                                                • Anton L "When you are using "United Post Form" you should be redirected on content view page immediately after submit." 

                                                                                  When people create an "update" in the united post form, it doesn't redirect to anything an nothing happens. They need to refresh the browser to see the update. To users, updates might appear to have not processed. For albums, discussions, etc it redirects.

                                                                                  • Hey Genesis - I posted this above.. 

                                                                                    OK - Was able to verify with Anton L that there is an issue with the "Update" portion of the UPF (United Post Form) and they will discuss and create a ticket for it. In the mean time, I have disabled that block and put the default "Post to public feed" block back and it works as expected.

                                                                                    • I enabled Location. Checked, it is still using Google. Disabled. *sigh* When will OpenStreetMap become the default?

                                                                                      • or available at all

                                                                                        • Could you fix it in the next release Присоедениться! on Присоединиться! and Добавить друга on Добавить в друзья.

                                                                                          • If the administrator does Permium himself, then there is no way to return the Administrator. Permission to assign membership to Premium does not work.

                                                                                            • Two identical profile activation messages come in if the checkbox Enable account activation message is checked. If it is not worth one message.

                                                                                              • At change of membership on the Standard the letter does not come.

                                                                                                • Это вы сами можете исправить: зайдите Полиглот > ключи и в строке поиск введите Присоедениться ниже найдите этот ключ _sys_txt_homepage_cover (Добро пожаловать<br /><button class="bx-btn bx-hide-when-logged-in bx-def-margin-top" onclick="document.location='{0}'">Присоединиться!</button>) и измените его.

                                                                                                  • the server audit tells you all you need to know about the cron job set up copy and paste what chris has posted to you service provider they will know what to do with the relevant information 

                                                                                                    • took me a while but manual install allowed me to understand how cron jobs work