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Russian date format


I changed the date format to d.m.Y through the polyglot, and now it is not displayed correctly. Are there any options to fix this quickly?

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  • Actual for datepicker.

    • Hello Yra !

      It might be done only in the code of the datepicker calling. See the following line in the inc/js/jquery.webForms.js file:

      dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd',

      • Hi LeonidS !

        I did what you said, changed to dd.mm.yy. It looks like I need but only when I have already chosen a date, and when I click on the datepicker, the format remains yy-mm-dd. And he does not pass the test for the age range (I have from 16 to 99), says that you enter less than the minimum. Probably there is still a file where you need to edit the date?

        • BTW - did you clear the cache in Studio->Dashboard after this change?

          • My entire cache is disabled, I click to clear the special cache, clean the cache in the browser. It does not help.