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(Resolved) Issue with notifications

I have noticed that something has gone wrong since the reactions, it seems that I have not received any notification for a simple vote. I did this test with Cem, he received nothing, nor on the site, so no mail either. I also checked all my notifications, I did not have anything more about it. It seems that simple vote on profile are no longer notifified either.


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  • I can see the site notifications here at UNA but on my own site, I am not getting any (site or email) notification that someone reacted "Liked" or "Love", etc . For comments, you can only like (not react) those and that is not giving notifications either at my site.

    Here is the site notification from you Baloo saying you "liked" my post here.


    • Hello Chris, no, you can not just react. Simple votes as before still exsite (we forget) for example a vote on your profile or a vote for your answer as below, it seems that there are no more notifications at all, you can confirm if you have received something or not.


      • That is correct. You are calling it a "Vote" and I am calling it a "Like" - Same thing 😁 

        And no, I did not receive any notification that you "liked/voted" on my response above. 

        On my own site, I am not getting a notification if someone Reacts to a post OR just a regular "vote/like". So nothing is working for me. 

        • Thank you for confirming that as it is well defined :-)

          • You're welcome. I thought they fixed the notifications issue with Beta 2 but, I guess not.
            Anton L Alex T⚜️ ???

            • Half bug concealing this, something had escaped me, it seems that a delay of 120 seconds was introduced in the options of notifications, according to my tests, it is the cause of several problems including this one.

              The goal is to clean email notifications IF they have been delivered to the site or by push. So it is normal that we do not receive emails because we are online.

              However, we should have it on the site. I also have problems with empty email notifications from b1, it's also linked. (relieved) Temporary solution for all the problems that concern the notifications, is to indicate a delay = to Zero, then everything seems to work as before, including the simple votes (thumb).

              • So are you saying that by setting this to 0 (zero) it fixed the notifications for Reactions and simple Votes (likes)?

                • Well I tested the simple vote on the profiles, it works correctly with delay = zero. But in front of your septism, I just tested simple vote on the answers forums, and there I have nothing, neither mail nor site.
                  So I correct, it solves almost all my problems. I understand that it is a big piece difficult to put in place.

                  • In addition I do not have any more notifications for the mentions either, neither on the site, nor on by email, this with the delay = 0

                    • Just an FYI - Alex T⚜️ and Anton L looked into my issue with no notifications for reactions on the timeline and it was a bug. 


                      Maybe you found another?

                      • https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2225 I'll wait until all that is fixed and then redo the point

                        • As for my problems, they came from the fact that my nickname contains a symbol like that of Alex T AND that the new table bx_notifications_queue did not have the same charset as the sys_queue_email table. So all notifications that contained my nickname were messy to move from one table to another. By setting the delay setting to zero, I did not use the new table and it worked, so for me it's solved. I explain that in case someone has this problem.