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Notifications of manual membership activation fail.

The notifications for manual membership confirmation (activation) fail - whether 1 or 10 at a time. In the Accounts module.

My other site notifications are fine so I presume my address is OK. I have successfully sent a test email via the SMPT module, but I do not use SMPT itself.

Any ideas? Much thanks.


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  • Hello banister !

    This part requires some tracking right on the site. May you please remind me your access details and profiles which were failed to membership upgrade.

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    • HI Leonid. I have several dozen "members" who signed up but never confirmed their email. I was just going to activate them anyway. Is this even possible?

      This process does not require MassMailer, right?

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      • banister I would think not. The site will not allow the person to create a profile until the email is confirmed. There is a setting in the Settings module under accounts about that procedure.

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        • Thanks for chiming in, MN. 

          There is a button to send them another confirmation email. I guess that is what I can do. I sometimes get the idea that people are weary from filling out internet forms and joining another site. So, they never confirm the email. Others may have used a bad address or had the confirmation email go to their spam box - never to be seen.

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          • It's possible to do only via a database management tool like phpMyAdmin. Just apply there the following query:

            UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `email_confirmed`=1 WHERE `email_confirmed `=0;

            It will activate all accounts there.

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            • Brilliant! You are a great credit to this organization, Leonid S.

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