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New modules planned for UNA 11

While we are closing up the UNA 10 developing cycle it is time to plan the general scope for UNA 11. Various improvements and features are on the table, and the list will be settling over the next few weeks. Now we'd like to announce the main new modules that will be developed for UNA 11. 

The main priority for UNA 11 will be in the area of learning management. Better tools for informative content presentation, progress assessment and collaboration would benefit any kind of community and would allow us to unify our own resources, such as documentation, tutorials, FAQs, etc. Ultimately we want to to be fully capable as a base for a social LMS - Learning Management System.


Content-type app for knowledge-base, documentation, FAQs, APIs reference, etc. with collaborative editing, media attachments, multi-level navigation, version history, comments and local search.

More info - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2268


Content-type app for step-by-step Guides. Each Guide is a single-page document with multiple subsections linked via an anchor-list menu. Reading progress recorded for each viewer. Gallery-style browsing, support for UNA Categories, Labels/hashtags, media attachments, WYSIWYG editing. Guides publishing is only available to Admins by default. 

More info - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2269


Knowledge assessment module, similar to Polls and Quizzes, but with broader assessment capabilities and specific features like support for open-ended and multiple-select questions; results private between Teacher (test author) and Student (test undertaker); post-to-specific user to test individually; post-to-context to post within a "Course" (powered by Groups, Spaces or Events); question "weight" - 1 to 5 points; percentile, pass/fail and AtoF grading.

More info - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2270


Please, note that these new modules will be first developed in the most basic "MVP" form. There may be changes in naming conventions and features sets as well. We may also pull some of them or add other modules as well.

Also, note that these modules don't represent an exhaustive list of features planned for v11. We share this list to give an idea of what kind of completely new UNA apps to expect. UNA 11 will also include core improvements, SEO and performance improvements, native apps improvements, reorganised timelines, system-wide embeds and other enhancements, which you may track on the UNA 11 milestone page - https://github.com/unaio/una/milestone/5..

As for prepackaged solutions - we are yet to release the first one - Dolphin SNS, which is configured at https://dolphin.una.io and will be available for cloning after UNA 10 final release. After the UNA 11 release, we plan to provide LMS and Dating solutions.

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  • This is all good sir but we still need proper assistance in the mobile app development situation. We need tutorial videos and proper documentation.

    • Working on it. We still haven’t released v10 final, so all focus is now on that, to make sure that there are update option for those who don’t use bets channel. then we can run the update newsletter and publish apps pusblishing and performance improvement tutorials. There will be some more enhancements in both aspects before final release. 

      • How soon to the final release?

        • RC mid next week. If it holds, final a week later 

          • Great news! I look forward to seeing the LMS develop. 

            Would also love to see a job board where organizations could publish after paying.

            • That Learning Management idea is a stroke of pure genius. And it can be used right here to help us learn about what is inside of UNA. And how to get it out.

              Years ago, Apple Computer was struggling. They were able to get their colorful iMac computers into the schools and it propelled the company steadily forward. Likewise, Learning Management will bring many new people to this platform. They will love the simplicity and clean interface.

              Corporations, too, spend millions on education, re-education, and collaboration. And interactive presentations, too.

              Onward and upward, all you UNAtarians!

              • Hey Keith Fawcett there is a directory module in development also, this will be the foundation for a Classifieds or Jobs Board Module you could actually take a sneak peak at ci.una.io - I imagine something will be released in the next few months.

                • Great News. Love the Guide Idea. But please please please add mod_rewrite functions to it. So it can be used as it makes sense! - asked the user "sem" here if you can use his method of mod rewrite - he has found a good (brilliant) solution!!! 

                  • Do you want to make a new moodle?

                    • The payment module for Russia checkout.yandex.com will also be relevant.

                      • I've been adapting my UNA sites (and previously Dolphin) to a learning and educational based environment. I love it!

                        Can't wait. :)

                        • I love this.  Can I just say in the process, please improve the documentation of what we currently have.  It takes a newbie well over a month to setup una properly.  I stand corrected but that's my estimation.  Documentation on how to build our own templates and documentation on how to write our own una apps. LMS is critical and I'm happy you'll have gone with it.. it takes una to a new level for sure. You can now run onlike schools,  trainings, etc...  wow yes please do it. 

                          • That's great news, re: a directory module.  🏆 🍻👏

                            • Yeah. That would be great. I support this!!

                              • pls remove embedly from site it cause to slow down and downgrade seo rank as results 

                                • Again, UNA is surely going to be a great framewotk to build community site but to me: a HUGE redesign is necessary. Visual message is half of the success of such project, which we can count by dozens today. I found the example of BuddyBoss  a fork of Buddypress/wordpress community script/plugin as well as a premium Theme, a bright illustration of what UNA should be capitalizing on its boonex foundation. 

                                  • All we need is a card design module. Where we can design our own cards and we will be good. That's one of the things una is missing. You can do that now but it will require some technical knowledge. 

                                    • I actually really love the embedly integration. Maybe there is a way to make it more efficient but I wouldn’t want to see it removed 

                                      • its slow down site severely. making seo degraded. to embed YouTube you dont need this at least

                                        • Embedly is entirely optional. If you don’t connect it via system settings UNA will use own basic unfurling system based on eEmbed. 

                                          • Interesting thought, Gritly .... please elaborate on that in a separate topic if you can. Most cards are formed by modules, so they can be of all kinds and layout, depending on purpose. Can’t think of a universal builder for them.