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Smileys don't work. SOLVED

Hi Everybody,

When you add a smiley in Post to Feed and you place the post in Feed... then nothing happens.
(The four icons under Post to Feed... only icon smiley does not work correctly)

Is there a fix for this?

Kind Regards

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  • The script does send a notification with [ 'user' added a timeline post ?? ]

    The ' ? ' for one smiley

    😀 😀

    • check mysql  collation, should be:


      • yes it is, collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci

        but we can't post smileys

        • Hello Jelmer !

          Then please provide me your server's Control Panel access via Messenger.

          • collation: utf8mb4_unicode_ci  is changed now but we have a new problem with emoji's. The add emoji box is active in the menu but doesn't show up on the post form (context) and post to feed box. Also when we use postform (context) we can't see privacy/visibility. When we post a message we get an error and then box pops-up so we can change privacy/visibility.

            Greetz Sander (friend of Jelmer and server administrator)

            edit: smiley button is  visible on desktop, on mobile it pops-up and disappears after 1 second (even faster)

            edit 2: you can use your keyboard emoticons😑 , disabled the visibility on phone.

            Smiley problem solved