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I was just wondering if there was a way to resize the panes in the layout for a I am using the same layout basically as here....instead of 1/3 and 2/3 for the panes, I wanna do something like a 25%/75% setup...make the pane on the left a little bit smaller and the larger pane a little bit bigger.  

We are using Lucid Template

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  • Hello Ryan James !

    It can be changed via editing the settings of CSS classes included to the current layout. For example, the columns from the layout with right bar depends on .bx-layout-bar-right-content class (left column with 66% by default) and .bx-layout-bar-right-bar (right with 34%). So you need to check the necessary layout with the browser developer tool and check which classes set the width of the column, then change it via your own mixes.

    • So this can be modified via the template modules?  If that is the case, i am kind of confused on how to do it.  Sorry for the newbish questions

      • studio/design.php?name=bx_protean&page=styles



        • I'm sorry Shark but that does not help me in the least.... 

          • studio/design.php?name=bx_lucid&page=styles

            You will find 'custome style' , write your customer css like this:

            .bx-layout-bar-left-content {

             width: 75%;


            .bx-layout-bar-left-bar {

            width: 25%;


            Save and clear cache.

            • Thank you shark....I think what was confusing me was the studio/design.php?name=bx_lucid&page=styles page...I was looking all over for it in my files, when it was actually the page.  I think it would be cool to add a feature to make custom layouts on top of the templates already there.

              • Hello Ryan James !

                Every UNA template has this custom styles which may be added easily and can be disabled so fast too. I guess it is the most optimal way. 

                • very true, it does allow for some great customization, but can be difficult for persons who are not very versed in the coding of things.

                  • In a protean mix, I am unable to either swop the left and middle columns or change the percentage of space used when using css in the custom styles. Even though I can change it in chrome developer, UNA does not respond even with caches cleared.

                    I submitted a query before but it was ignored:


                    • Hello Michael Beloved !

                      Sorry for missing this post, it was answered there