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JOT challenges

We hoped to have JOT ready for review by now, but there are some significant challenges that keep us busy making the mvp version happen. 

For example, URL routing is quite tricky. In React URLs are ‘faked’ - everything loads within a single page, so browsers don’t know if a new resource is loaded. There are ways to do this, but we have an additional challenge of making URLs match with UNA URLs. It is imperative to ensure that JOT doesn’t break URL structure and all back links work as usual. This, plus consistent behaviour of Back/Forward browser actions make routing quite time consuming.

Another setback happened due to framework change. Initially we went for SemanticUI library for React, but the project closed. So, we are switching to a different library - more on that later. 

So far we have no ETA for JOT, but I can assure you that development is dynamic and progress is made every single day.


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    • Do not stress with that, I think everyone understands that it is very complex to implement. Also with 10, there is this novelty of which nobody spoke and which is nevertheless remarkable, it is the warning "New contents". I do not know who had this idea but it is great and greatly useful! Somehow, That I saw it the first time, I thought it was like a back burner on Jot :-)

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      • Unacceptable. I demand Jot NOW!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂  Just kidding.. kinda

        I really was wanting this for my site but, I understand the complications also. Take your time and make it right. However, I do hereby declare that I get the first crack at it when it becomes available. No ifs, ands. or buts about it.. 😎 

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