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Edit Group Error

we have a problome:

After updated  to RC1, when user edit  group, its got 500 erro. and find the apche erro:

[proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 974:tid 140232351508224] [client] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method BxDolProfileUndefined::getStatus() in /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/profile/classes/BxBaseModProfileFormsEntryHelper.php:95\nStack trace:\n#0 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralFormsEntryHelper.php(323): BxBaseModProfileFormsEntryHelper->onDataEditBefore('1', Array, NULL, Object(BxDolProfileUndefined), Object(BxGroupsFormEntry))\n#1 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralModule.php(1604): BxBaseModGeneralFormsEntryHelper->editDataForm(1, false, 'checkAllowedEdi...', true)\n#2 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralModule.php(516): BxBaseModGeneralModule->_serviceEntityForm('editDataForm', 1, false)\n#3 /data/wwwroot/********.com/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(97): BxBaseModGeneralModule->serviceEntityEdit()\n#4 /data/wwwroot/********.com/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(57): BxDolRequest:...', referer: https://********.com/page/edit-group-profile?id=1

any idea to fix this problome?

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  • Hello Shark !

    Can't reproduce it from our side. Please specify what differences from the default variant have your Groups ?

    • Hello, LeonidS,

      its happened on created before RC1 groups only. users edit them group, submit than got HTTP ERROR 500, but create and edit new group are no problem.

      • Very interesting, need to track it on your site, Shark . Please provide me your server Control Panel and UNA Stuido accesses via Messenger.