Problem with Channels Permissions

I'm testing features for a new site and having trouble with the ...

1 - When publishing an 'Update' with a , it only goes to an error 'This page isn't working' regardless of user/permission settings. Is it a limitation of publishing an 'Update' versus a 'Post'?

2 - When using a within a 'Post' it will produce a 'page was not found' error UNLESS the 'Edit Any Channel' option is enabled, then it will allow the user to see the Channel page. My problem is that is allows the user to delete the channel, even though the permission is disabled. Is there another section of Permissions or Channels that I should check?

Is there a better way to allow users to follow hashtags?

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    • the issue I am having, and even on the site here....when i clicked in this post, I get page not found, when I click I get a 500 error. Β I also get this error on my site when a Hashtag is created.

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      • Same result for me too...

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        • Are others having the same issue following channels??

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          • Thank you for the report, it looks like this bug has been already fixed:


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            • I just tested and it is now working. I haven't even come close to getting my site online and am already impressed with the response you guys provide... AND that there are real, thought out, solutions. It's a nice change of pace.

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              • I have made a test account with limited permissions and now seeing this error page on channels posted as 'updates' but seem to be able to follow a channel made as a 'post.'

                Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon I am now seeing it as well with the on this post again... Maybe something slipped through with the RC2 Update, undoing the fix?

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                • Hi James Cherry !

                  Here, in we have this bug fixed now. So in your site seems you need to check your Channels version (Studio->Apps market->Updates). If you see that it is available for update, then need to complete it.

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                  • My site is up to date and appears to be working fine right now. This is a screen shot of right now, when I click on within this post. works fine, so perhaps just an issue with that link.


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                    • HelloΒ 

                      The problem appeared after RC1, when Custom Privacy Groups were added. From that time and until RC2 all newly created Group based profiles (Channels, Groups and Events) received pending status by default. We'll update such profiles on the next update but if somebody wants to do it right now then you may execute the following query in your UNA database:

                      UPDATE `sys_profiles` SET `status` = 'active' WHERE `type` IN ('bx_groups', 'bx_events', 'bx_channels') AND `status` = 'pending';

                      Best Regards

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