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Homepage Crashes After Upgrade

Hello guys, I have strangely experienced failing homepage ever since I upgraded.

It works normal when it's visited but as you click to login it fails with the following notification.








I have ran all module updates and discovered this failure to be peculiar to homepage so far.

If I visit any other page and logged in, including the Studio and try to access the homepage from there, it also crashes.

Please what is the way out?

I need help.

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  • Gentlemen Alex T⚜️ Leonid S  Mark Purser, this is an SOS, I have a vital presentation to make on a booked appointment and its so worrisome that my Homepage is having issues.

    I had thought by now somebody would have tried to rescue me. How do I save my tomorrow appointment from being blown off.

    Help me please

    • Hi friend, Do you know how to clear all the caches from your Studio? From your Dashboard? And did you also clear the browser cache, too?

      Remember that many of the experts may be on the other side of the world in a different time-zone. But they will be back before long. Don't be discouraged... There is a reason for this issue and there is a solution.

      By the way, I am able to access your home page as well as your log-in page just fine.

      • Go to dashboard

        • Studio>Dashboard> you will see the clear cache on lower right side there is a drop menu if you click on the arrow pointing down

            • Hi Dediary, like Banister, I can see all the pages of your site, from the outside everything seems normal. Does the problem appear when you are connected only?

              • Than you guys, I have tried clearing cache for browser as well as the Studio before I logged this.

                • Yeah Baloo it works normal when you only access the page. 

                  But when you try to login it fails

                  • Everything shows on your site. In the meantime, you may check with your server in terms of your htaccess file and such things. It may have to do with http and https setting which they can check and fix in a jiffy.

                    access the site using http

                    then do so using https 

                    and see if you get exactly the same error.

                    • In fact the only way I can reproduce your error message is to ask my browser to block cookies, are you sure there is not a problem on that side?

                      • If I visit other pages other than homepage and click on the top right user login icon, the login page appears and login will be successful.

                        Now while am logged in as a user, if I try to access the homepage, it crashes.

                        • DeDiary Message your host to check your issues must be permalinks and httaccess.

                          • Yes, I just tried to create an account, I have this error message, so maybe use the original .htaccess, It just contains this:

                            Options -MultiViews -Indexes
                            <IfModule mod_php5.c>
                            php_flag allow_url_include Off
                            php_flag register_globals Off
                            <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
                            RewriteEngine on
                            RewriteRule ^m/(.*)$ modules/index.php?r=$1 [QSA,L]
                            RewriteRule ^page/(.*)$ page.php?i=$1 [QSA,L]
                            RewriteRule ^s/([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)/([a-zA-Z0-9\.]+) storage.php?o=$1&f=$2 [QSA,L]
                            AddType image/svg+xml svg
                            • Other track, try to temporarily disable here:


                              • Oh, Baloo  just sent you a login details on messenger to use on the homepage

                                • Baloo disabled

                                  • Hi Baloo  I could see you logged in. Were you able to reproduce the issue?

                                    • Yes, but I am directly disconnected with this error message you are talking about.

                                      • You mean you are able to visit the homepage without crash after you logged in?

                                        • No, I mean I can not connect at all :-(

                                          • Sorry Baloo for all my worries. Could you please get me the screenshot of what you seeing as you try the homepage?

                                            • I can not, I'm stuck on the login page for about 15 seconds and then I get this error message that appears.

                                                • Ok, your link is working, so I'm connected, it seems that everything is fine, except the page home page, where appears this error message. So something seems to be wrong on this page. Maybe try to disable all blocks and check if then you have access?

                                                  • They troubleshooted mine. You have to change permissions on the login box in studio. 

                                                    • You guys are killing me, i get a ton of notifications on my cell!!!!! I'm just kidding, i hope you resolve the issue, Baloo knows his stuff!! 😀

                                                      • Well it seems I still have to keep shooting. I have disabled 90% of the blocks and yet nothing changed about the homepage issue. Thank you to all you guys Baloo banister Will Monte Harry Sondre Expertzkris and Michael Beloved for showing you care.

                                                        • Damn I wish I can do more, but hopefully you get this resolved

                                                          • Hello

                                                            It looks like you have some custom block on home page which is shown to members only and which has some broken logic. Did you try to disable ALL blocks on home page? Also if you PM me the access info to your site's Studio I'll try to help you.

                                                            Best Regards

                                                            • When Anton L says he "will try to help" - the problem is about to be solved...

                                                              Please keep us updated that the rest of us can learn new things.

                                                              • Anton L - please update this thread with your solution. 😊 

                                                                • Hi Anton L thanks for showing up.

                                                                  I finally disabled all blocks on the homepage and am able to access the homepage without crash.

                                                                  I have sent you access to my studio to know the specific source.


                                                                  • Hello everybody.

                                                                    The problem appeared because of system Log In block which was placed on Home page. This block automatically redirects to Home page just after the login process completed. Also it redirects to Home page wheh is opened by logged in user. You are welcome to try to open http://una.io/page/login page while you are logged in, you'll be automatically redirected to home.
                                                                    So, when Log In block is placed on Home page we are getting an infinite loop inside the page.

                                                                    Best Regards

                                                                    • Wow, I have just confirmed that by trying to activate the login form I had on the page. I just didn't include that in my test because I felt I don't want it anymore and incidentally a block was acting funny. Lol.

                                                                      My suspicion earlier was not correct. I never thought in the direction of the "Access Commandant" (Login Form) himself that he could be coup plotter and he had been there all this while. 

                                                                      Thank you Anton L 

                                                                      • Oops, I feel guilty because it's me who asked for this redirection. Before the problem was that people put the login page in their favorits and that it produced an error if they followed this link by being already connected. Maybe doing the redirection only on the login page and not on the block would correct both problems?

                                                                        • Good catch Anton L  this thread will help others in a future.

                                                                          • You are welcome! :)
                                                                            We'll think over the issue. Something should be fixed here! :)
                                                                            P.S. Initially the correct suggestion, that the problem is in the Log In block, was made by LeonidS. I just confirmed it when I checked necessary code and found out the redirect there.

                                                                            • Dediary,

                                                                              when your page is loaded using http (not secure) some site icons are not showing.

                                                                              • indeed, it should reconfigure Let's Encrypt / cerbot and at the last step choose "redirect all traffic to https" so that it is not possible to have this problem.

                                                                                • Thank you guys for the observation and recommendation, I'll get it fixed

                                                                                    • I experienced this problem long ago and Chris helped me figure it out. 

                                                                                      Never posted about it.

                                                                                      • Guys should take note that "SPLASH PAGE" will produce the same error until the fix is done.


                                                                                        This has now been confirmed to be working properly. The error experienced was not as a result of the login block on splash page in my own instance.

                                                                                        • Hello DeDiary !

                                                                                          Please specify more conditions when Splash page produces a similar problem. From my side, with the enabled Splash page and enabled "Splash" block in Homepage everything works fine.

                                                                                          • Hi LeonidS I just tried to reproduce the experience on my 2 sites and could observe that they work well and that the error is only limited to when the login block is enabled on the homepage.

                                                                                            Apparently the time I experienced error on SPLASH PAGE last week was due to TMD resetting my site mistakenly to an old server that was last updated 12 months ago. I didn't check back when corrected as my latest setting has SPLASH PAGE disabled.