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Post Cards too large

Is there anyway to limit the size of the content cards on the timeline. They are rendering extremely large and almost takes up the entire screen. I would like them to be a similar size to the person profile cards. LeonidS 

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  • Those cards usually adapt to the container size - the area you dedicate to the timeline. Normally you’d want to use a 3/1 or 1/2/1 layout and position your timeline into the wider area to limit cards width (Height adjusts proportionally). If, however, you want the timeline to take up the entire page width but still have the smaller cards you can use the Outline instead, which would position card as a masonry grid and limit their width. Both Outline and Timeline modes look same on mobile viewport. 

    • Hi Andrew, 

      Even with limiting the grid to say 3/1 it still shows up pretty large

      • Could you show an example screenshot, please?