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Live Broadcast/Video Chat

Has there been any consideration of adding modules to do live broadcast, like Facebook Live, or video chat, like FaceTime? I know this could be expensive hostong, but it may be something people would be interested in if they’re willing to pay the price for hosting, and include it in premium membership.

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  • Yes, we talk about this a lot. Some plans and experiments happening. Will share more details when we have concrete plans. 

      • Does the Live Broadcasting / Video Chat, and Audio call uses our own Server to connect users or does it use services such as Twilio?

        • It’s not available yet. Just may be discussed as a possibility in the future.

          • cxlin001 indeed we will have to wait for it to happen and it may not happen anytime soon as there is alot of stuff in the pipeline and Andrew Boon & UNA Inc have to prioritize bug reports before adding other stuff to the mix its hard for us building a social experience let alone having to deal with bugs but Andrew Boon  and his team are at the front line its hard work for all party's involved keep it up all the team at UNA your doing gods work.

            • LOL...i was actually going to create a thread on this and yes this is huge now a days, but does need to be well thought out. Yes baby steps on this request. :)

              • I asked about this almost a year ago. I understand bugs and stuff need to be prioritized but I also believe UNA needs to stay on top of permanent trends in social networks. Falling too far behind can damage a social networks ability to survive in a demanding environment. Live Streaming is here to stay just like video chat is just like messenger is. UNA can even work with API's that already provide this service and create a plug in that works with UNA. For me Live Stream with chat would complete my website. Throw in some of the old Dolphin Mods that allowed Picture editing, the ability for users to change font, font color, and background on their profile page and my website would be complete. 

                • at current doesn't rocket chat do this? well the video chat part.