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[RESOLVED] Send verification letter not working

For some reason, the verification email is not sending to all users and when they try to resend the verification they get this error message.


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  • If I continue to click the "send the verification letter again" multiple times, then after about 5 clicks it appears to send.


    • I have this same issue after last big update

      • It's definitely a big issue if users are unable to confirm their email. It looks like it's happening to majority of new users. I'm not sure if some are using the social logins (twitter, facebook, google) and that's working a different way, but I do know that when I try to signup with an email/password, then it's not sending the verification letter and I have to continually click the resend link. 

        • I am also getting an error trying to send a message using the Contact module/form. 


          • I think I may have fixed my issue. I'm using the SMTP mailer module to send emails through Sendgrid. It looks like the credentials stopped working in my Una site. I created a new API at send grid and added it to SMTP form in my site.

            Going to perform further testing to see if this is no longer an issue.

            • I am also not able to send email via SMTP from Mailgun. Is something broken?
              • bbunnelle, did it work previously for you?

                • I have not been able to get it working since my initial install. I started at 10.0.0

                  right now i am using my host's unauthenticated mail and it just goes to SPAM for the confirmation email only. 

                  is there a log somewhere i can see when the test mail fails?

                  • Are you sure have the correct username/key from Mailgun and have filled in all of the fields based on mailgun required settings?

                    Did you use the "Test" menu/page to send a test email after updating the settings?


                    • I have but I am seeing that many people are having issues with GoDaddy servers and SMTP or PHPMailer.

                      • So when you use the Test page and send an email to yourself it works and no errors like the ones I posted happen?

                        Have you checked your email's spam score with something like https://glockapps.com/spam-testing/

                        Did you setup SPF and DKIM in your DNS? https://mxtoolbox.com/c/outboundemailsources?public=Mailgun