Is it possible to change 'Visibility' in Posts to select Multiple?

I am making multiple 'Paid Levels' of membership that are actually tiered, and am trying to figure out how 'Visibility' works with that when making posts... 


If I have added Membership Levels Paid Level 1, Paid Level 2 & Paid Level 3...
Is there a way to change the visibility selection so that the person making that post can decide exactly who is allowed to see it?
For example, use check boxes to select Friends and Paid Level 2

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  • Anyone else run into this issue? Have any insight?

    • as much as i have played about with it it looks like you can only select 1 typing even though privacy settings permissions and membership permissions are separate but i don't think they are it just looks like there separate.

      • For now it's possible to select only one option in privacy settings.

        • If I were to select Standard would Premium be able to see it, or only other Standard users?

          • If you select "Standard" it will be shown to "Standard" only, "Premium" users will not be able to see it, but in this case you can just post "Public" post.

            • I have this issue - aside from anything else I assumed an admin would be able to see all content else how can they admin the site?  But anyway, I've given some screen shots in explaining it but it boils down to if you have more than one membership type on your website, you cant do things like create something that only members can see, since if you set it for, say Standard users then Premium members won't see it and vice versa.

              • If you select "Standard" it will be shown to "Standard" only, "Premium" users will not be able to see it, but in this case you can just post "Public" post.

                But then non-members of the site also see it which is not what is wanted.

                • MSolutions maybe you can make a module for this issue?

                  In short, currently if you have a site with multiple membership levels, and want to make one post/discussion/group/event visible to 2 or more, it cannot be done unless it is 'public.'

                  An example: I want to host an event and only invite Paid Levels 2 & 3, only have those levels able to comment, discuss and the event remain hidden to other levels.

                  • I will see if this can be done, I need this in my social network too, so... I will try my best.