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Just Curious - What does everyone do for a living?

I have met a few folks here that are building/have built a site (or multiple) while working a 'regular' job somewhere else.
So, what else do you guys do?  Have you been successful in having your site produce enough revenue to at least be self sufficient?

I own a small security company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Steadfast Security.
We install/service commercial security systems; burglar alarms, cameras, access control, gate operators, etc.

I am using Una to make an new online community for farmers, hunters, fishermen, etc to help each other learn and buy/sell/trade.

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  • Im an electro-mechanical engineer, I work in MedTech designing drug delivery medical devices.

    • I'm the COO at UNA.inc but I also moonlight teaching yoga & meditation. :)

      • In my writing class right now we are learning about how meditation can help to become a better writer. I don’t work, I‘m just in college.

        • Genesis - I wrote a paper once of the use of meditation to support the creative process - the exec summary is that it helps a lot, any activity that requires a mix of focussed attention and lateral thinking (including web development) is greatly supported by meditation.  But the catch is that it only works if you do it :)  I'm sure Michael Beloved will support me on this!

        • Work in a distribution center

          • Retired, I worked at Walt Disney, as actor, dancer, singer :-)
            More seriously, I have done many things in my life, I am quite versatile, I like to touch everything. In my last job, I was hired to renew the computer stock of a small auto parts sales company, set up a new stock management system, and train the staff, I ended up at the counter as a salesman , through order management, delivery driver, paint construction. But unfortunately, this box closed now. Now I take care of renting apartments, no report :-)

            Mark, if you could meditate on the means of payment for Europe, maybe I could answer Gritly.

            On my Dolphin site, older, smaller incomes, covering fees and a little more it depends on the periods. But not possible to live, note that this is not my goal either.

            • now Baloo has retired from Walt Disney, he educates the young wolves on UNA.IO :)

              Not sure what the issue is about the means of payment for Eu?

              • Yes, it is less well paid :-) On this subject, I approach 1000 points, please heat the tires of my Ferrari :-) I will send you an email with the details about it.

                • Yes, it is less well paid :-) On this subject, I approach 1000 points, please heat the tires of my Ferrari :-) I will send you an email with the details about it.

                  You may well consider a career of helping with community-sites configurations. Even though we don't do any marketing the demand is already overwhelming.

                • Tbh I'm hoping to grow my site to 1M plus users. 

                  • Cool!  I was just making a joke. I guess I better not quit my day job to be a comedian. 

                    I have always had an interest in online business. I once had a business Network through Ning networks with 1000+ members. I got busy with life and work and shut it down. I kind of regret that now, but Ning went south after while. I had a Dolphin network about 10 years ago with 200 members. Again just got too busy to keep up with it. 

                    I’m getting to the age now that I need to think about retirement, but do something I really like. My goal is to build a network and hopefully monetize it through memberships, but also run a store through it that is music related. As long as I have a good membership to build some traffic, I think it may work. I have been a musician for over 45 years, so this is my passion. My network is at https://upbeatmusicgroup.com

                    Oh… By the way, to you answer the original question, I am a key account manager for a workplace refreshment services company. I cover the West Texas region which keeps me driving 800 to 1000 miles per week. So I squeeze some time in when I can to work on the network.

                    • Tbh I'm hoping to grow my site to 1M plus users. 

                      Aren't we all. 😁 I have to tell you, though, that your project is likely to become viable way before you hit 1m target. Just make sure you offer real value and target a specific niche.

                      • My project is viable at 50k. So yh i do agree with you 

                      • I teach and write books on kundalini yoga, inSelf Yoga and meditation. I translated some related books from Sanskrit.

                        I am using UNA as a forum for the same information. There is absolutely no commercial aspect to the site.


                        I used socialengine some years ago but got disgusted with their updates. I thought to try Boonex Dophin. Then switched to UNA.

                        • I teach and write books on kundalini yoga, inSelf Yoga and meditation. I translated some related books from Sanskrit.

                          How did you learn Sanskrit? Any tips to share?

                          Here's our own yogic site FYI - https://shantidwara.com 

                          • Andrew Boon,

                            Learning Sanskrit:

                            I learnt it over a period of years mostly by self-study but also by using meditation to revive knowledge of Sanskrit from previous births. However, the interest in Sanskrit could be divided into two parts, learning vocal Sanskrit and learning literary Sanskrit. Just as a person can be fluent in English and still fail an English grammar and usage exam, the same goes for any other language. A person may be expert in writing English language and be terrible at pronouncing English words because of not being exposed early on to the correct vocalization of the language.

                            The point is to make a decision as to if one wants to learn to speak Sanskrit or to translate from Sanskrit. To learn to speak it one should have access to a pandit or someone who speaks it fluently and one must also learn the alphabet, which is quite different to the layout in English.

                            If one wants to understand Sanskrit literature like Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Sutras, then one should learn the grammar regarding the breakdown of nouns, verbs and other features of the language.

                            This seems to be a big task but it is encouraging to know that it is a dead language, where it is not increasing in vocabulary like say English. Sanskrit has root words (dhatus) which are in a limited number. If one carefully studies these, one can easily master the language because the combinations of these root syllables makes all the words in the language.

                            One thing that helps with the Sanskrit texts is to get translations which have word-for-word meanings because then one can compare them and learn quickly. Translations without that are useless to check the meanings of the words and compare one translation to another.

                            One book worth mentioning is the Bhagavad Gita by Winthrop Sargeant. It is the only I know of which has the exact grammar designation of every word of the Gita. I translated Bhagavad Gita and gave Word-for-Word meanings but his detailed grammar designations are unique.

                            • Shantidvara = Gate (Portal/Entry) of Peace?

                              What is the main yoga sect or process taught?

                              Who is the guru of the founder?

                            • So how many people are actually trying to run this as a business? 

                              • I’m in it for the money.

                                • There are many startups that we know of and some established business using UNA to complement their existing operations as well. As of now, we can see about 400 active installations.

                                  • I'm in it as a long term investment for sure. Not to 'get rich' but to be able to make a living while serving a greater purpose. 

                                    My plan is to use tiered memberships, percentage of transactions of hosted member 'stores', and letting select business level members pay to advertise to other members (in limited fashion). 

                                    My security business is my first 'successful' one of about 5 other kinds of businesses before. I'm 7 years in now, holding steady. I may have to change my tactic with my site and adjust my goals, but 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'

                                  • I was actually born/raised in Georgia. Moved to Florida a few years ago. 

                                    I've been in IT for 20 years working at places like IBM, Microsoft,  and Gateway computers (no longer around). I have this thing about working for 'world's largest' companies 😂😂. Basically to prove to myself that I can do it. 

                                    I currently work for another "world's largest" company as a Senior Program Analyst that provides digital payment solutions to all the banks and credit unions.  I specialize in troubleshooting/diagnostics of online payment solutions/software such as Bill Pay,  Transfers,  Zelle, and People pay. 

                                    I use UNA for an extremely controversial website..... Politics.  😂😂😂

                                  • 7AM - 4PM I sell electrical supplies in Los Angeles after 9 PM I tinker with my websites below. They make about $.10 cents per day banner money lol cost to run $1.00 per day but in it as a hobby. 








                                  • I think i actually might have the best looking una site.. i say we have a lil show down !!!

                                  • What I do for a living is try to get some sleep, but I can't cause you all keep waking me up by interacting with each other....lol...carry on, I'm waiting for the upgrade so I can keep dreaming of being the next social giant.....lol.

                                  • I work in a chemical manufacturing plant repairing all equipment and vessels as well as fabricate new piping and supports or vessels. Basically sweating my butt off all day. And part time UNA geek and full time lover

                                  • I own a translation company and hope to build a social network for the language community. 

                                  • I'm a professional film and television Grip but am moving away from that as the long hours and giant commitments to someone else's dream has become increasingly unfulfilling. So I'm going back to my love of gardening and with patience, hopefully channeling my filmmaking skills into positive educational gardening/Permaculture vids. 

                                  • I am writing a book on laziness. I started in 2007

                                  • I want to build a club of interest( a club of successful people). We will organize meetings offline. 

                                    • I am in Africa and my continant needs new ideas, I was about to launch a big project with Dolphin, but suddenly Andrew has switched to una, I took a lot of time to reorient the same ideas towards una. now it's okay, the project is ambitious and I consider una as wikimedia that made wikipedia. I sacrificed a lot to stop, if I could find good partners in my country, the African equivalent of these big tech companies (amazon, ebay, alibaba, google) would have already emerged.

                                      Andrew and his team have made a very interresent tool, I just hope it will continue like other popular open source project

                                      • I will do my project, my livelihood

                                        • I am a freelance web developer / marketer living in Phillipines with a team focusing on helping clients for all their customization needs.

                                          Highly focusing on Dolphin for 8 years but now starting to do projects using UNA (mastering still) so we can expand our services.

                                        • And I haven’t been working anywhere for 6 years after I made a fast career as a sales manager in an advertising agency. Then the customers I attracted began to pay me directly 😊

                                          • James Cherry im  29 male  & unemployed with autism i was told that im not fit for work but i disagree im building my network to prove a point and that i want to work for my self become self employed they think i cant work with my condission i disagree.

                                            • MyZoid Vapour good for you. No other person should decide your limitations.

                                              I listen to David Goggins (Seal & Ultra Runner), and he sheds light on how our minds are ready/willing to give up long before our bodies. You're the only one that knows your limits, and even then, limits can be overcome.

                                              • indeed i see stuff differently than most but that's ok i have some skills no one else i know has to make up for what i should be able to do but cant.

                                              • I am a distributor/sales rep for my family brand herbal teas. Dalgety Herbal Teas. I have to market our teas in The Netherlands.

                                                • This is the most engaging thread, outside of " Help UNA team" ," My site is on fire.. help me now!!!" 

                                                  • I work full time in IT running my own IT company called Legacy Tech. I just recently launched my first UNA site for the Pro 2A community and moderate that site with about 5 others now.

                                                    unitedethos*com (i can't post links for some reason)

                                                    I have really enjoyed the UNA community and love the platform.

                                                    ps: I ALSO think I have the best looking UNA site