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Does UNA have user blogs?

I'm not sure if the platform we are on currently (this website) is Dolphin or UNA - but I really would like to be able to have user blogs for members. I currently use Oxwall which ticks all my boxes and has a helpful community but it is no longer being developed. I want to be able to have a customizable site (banner/header/colours etc) with relative ease as well as gallery/user blogs - basically a 'Ning' type experience and not sure if that can be accomplished with UNA in the free model or if those modules are only with the paid versions - likewise with Dolphin. I know Dolphin has recently sort of swapped off for UNA but it still seems like a very usable platform. 

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    • Hello Birch !

      Yes, we have Blogs for UNA under the "Posts" title. You may find it here https://una.io/page/view-product?id=29

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      • :) Thank you!

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