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Una is on version 10 but some modules I can't install

Hello amazing community, can I get some help please? My Una installation says I'm already on version 10, but if I try and install the Channels and the Timeline modules it won't let me showing these errors:

Check the script version for compatibility:
The module is not compatible with your version of Una.

I did install Una from my cPanel with Softaculous.

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  • the new version 10.1.0 is only available for beta right now the stable release will be out soon as it hits 100% its at 92% at the moment you can check its status here best waiting for the stable release. https://github.com/unaio/una/milestone/12 

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    • P.S. your apps will still work if you have them installed already you just will need to wait for the upgrade to version 10.1.0

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      • I don't have them installed and I really need the channels and timeline modules, I can't install them.

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        • it hopefully should not be too long till the stable version is available to upgrade to there is also the beta you could install the beta but i don't know how this will work through softaculous  i had used softaculous  before but just decided to manually install una.

          P.S. also with beta it also brings the possibility of bugs to your system its up to you how you want to proceed.

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