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iOS 13 Push Notifications

I have brought this up previously but is there any news on iOS 13 notification support? My users are getting notifications on iOS 12.x with no problem but they are not working once they upgrade to iOS 13

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    • Do you mean in the iOS app? I am getting notifications in iOS13 and iPadOS13 beta4 as usual and the app didn’t have to be re-built.

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      • Hi Andrew Boon - Yes I am referring to the iOS app. I am not getting push notifications. I have an iPhone that is running iOS 12.4 and it is getting push notifications. I have another iPhone that is running iOS 13.1 (Dev Beta 4) and it is not getting push notifications. It hasn't in any version of iOS 13 for me.

        Both iPhones are running the same version of the mobile app that I built from the source code and the app is published for beta testing using Test Flight

        I appreciate any ideas or thoughts you might have

        Edit: I should note I am getting in app "notifications" meaning the little red circle with the number of notifications in the upper right corner but not any push notifications


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        • Also of note is that any device I have that runs iOS 13 does not show up in OneSignal's All User list even though the iOS 13 device prompts for Notification access and shows as Notifications allowed in the iOS Settings for the App

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          • Any news on this Andrew Boon?

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            • I've just tested PUSH notifications in iOS 13.0 using iPhone 6s and UNA.IO app v.1.2.0 here on una.io and it works just fine.Β 

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              • It’s hard to tell what may be the issue with yours - we didn’t have to make any configuration chnages in onesignal after the update, but perhaps you could look into your onesignal api keys, account status And try to reconnect it with your UNA site.Β 

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                • Alex T⚜️ and Andrew Boon - Thanks for your replies

                  I think I may have stumbled on to a fix. I recompiled the app from the most recent source code but that didn't make a difference, The command I ran which seemed to enable iOS 13 push notifications at least for my app was: pod updateΒ and then running pod installΒ Β 

                  After those ran, I cleaned the build and recompiled in Xcode and so far it seems to be working

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