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Small issue with Sounds module

The Sounds Module is optional but is a very good module. I highly recommend it. 

I hope later editions will play the audio right in the Timeline, just as videos can be played there. Why? Because the less clicking and tapping a visitor has to do, the happier he or she will be and more likely to return. 

OK, looking at my enclosure just below, can anyone explain how I can eliminate the computer code. These links lead to a 404 error page, btw. 

Much thanks!


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  • I think this is the old key, if I rely on the news module, it should be something like "{addon} sounds"


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    • Thank you for chiming in, Dear Baloo. I always wanted to talk to a real bear.  :)

      OK. I do not know where to find the new value. I need to go to Polyglot and search? This value is not found in the Sounds folder? Database?

      Below, is this the old one or the new one I need? You believe the value was changed, yes?

      <string name="_aqb_sounds_page_block_title_entries_of_author"><![CDATA[Sounds by <a href="{profile_link}">{display_name}</a>]]></string>

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      • Audios by {display_name}

        What can I change? I did change my 'Sounds' to 'Audios' in my menus. Maybe that is where error was introduced.

        Anton will know.

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        • Sure enough, Anton leaped into action on my behalf. Not the first time either. Now my bad links are fixed.

          So, I am going to nominate Anton for Employee of the Month.  :)

          If anyone else has this issue in the Sounds module, here is the fix:

          For now you need to change `_aqb_sounds_txt_all_entries_by` key using Studio -> Polyglot -> Keys. It should have `{0} sounds` value.

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          • Hello.

            Thank you for the report. We'll update the app shortly.
            For now you need to change `_aqb_sounds_txt_all_entries_by` key using Studio -> Polyglot -> Keys. It should have `{0} sounds` value.

            Best Regards

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