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Confirmation email errors

Well, this seems like a common problem many others have been having. I have looked at a number of posts related to this, some are still working on it, others have it resolved and yet here I am still trying to figure this problem out.

I am sure it's not exactly a recommended tactic, but I am curious if anyone would be willing to help set up this email stuff for confirmation emails. Or even connect on call or skype to walk me through the proper setup.

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  • Hello William Ricksecker !

    May you please specify the list of your errors with confirmation errors? If your users don't receive them - did they check the Spam / Trash folders? Does your UNA site sends other emails?

    • No that is what I was trying to setup. One article I read a gentleman installed some SMTP mailer add on so I was trying to work with that. But it appeared as if some of the wording between my mail and the add on may have been different enough that it was enough to question if they are the same or not.

      Right now the issue I think is knowing the proper information to put into that plugin. I think I saw you comment on another which suggested using a 3rd party to avoid some sort of spam red flag. Something I’ll worry about down the road.

      • I’m off to work right now. If you need I can throw a few screenshots up when I get home this evening to confirm if I have the right details

        • Ok, will wait for your screenshots.

          • This is the two bits of information I am working with. I do have an SSL but it is not setup just yet. Wasnt sure if that would be much issue.

            • And what does give the Mail sending test in Studio->Dashboard->Server audit area with this SMTP?

              • And what does give the Mail sending test in Studio->Dashboard->Server audit area with this SMTP?

                I ran a test email and it shows it went through. Checked my email and it is confirmed the email was sent.

                Is this the administrator's (You) way of saying "I use my awesome administrator powers to resolve the problem" Or did I miss something previously when I was messing with it?

                • If the other letters form site don't ariive then please provide me your CPanel access details via Messenger.