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[Resolved] Uploaded videos cannot be played

Dear Developers,

I would like to know why after creating a new post that contains an attached video, I was not able to play the video or view the video that was posted/uploaded to the public feed. Am I missing any step here? The video only shows a player with ... in the middle of the player and the player seems broken. In addition, I have also checked that the video has been inserted into bx_timeline_videos table. 

Edit: I have managed to find two error messages [ffmpeg version is not compatible with your current window version] & [crontab is not recognized] at dashboard>server audit , could it be due to this that my videos are not playing? What are the solutions that I could approach to solve this issue? All I can think of now is to find an appropriate ffmpeg that suits my current windows version to install which I am not sure whether it is the correct approach. Lastly, May i know how to activate my cron jobs and how to solve the crontab is not recognized issue.

Update: I have replaced the ffmpeg.exe to be compatible as my windows version and the error message shown in the server audit is gone however, the videos are still unable to play. My environment is currently hosted locally.

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  • It's great that you've found ffmpeg for windows, but cron should be setup as well. You can try to run it manually, find where is your php.exe is located then you can run it like this command line:

    c:\path\to\php.exe c:\path\to\una\periodic\cron.php
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    • hi alex, I have performed this step but the video is still unplayable

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      • Hello you must be sure that cron works, check in audit server, the last cron run should be less than a minute.


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        • Hi, i have performed what was suggested by alex, however i am getting an error message via the server audit which indicates that crontab is not an recognized internal or external command. I understand that crontab is used in linux and I am currently hosting una locally on a windows machine, are there any workaround for this?

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          • Hello zhalkiar !

            Then you should add the launch of this command c:\path\to\php.exe c:\path\to\una\periodic\cron.php via the Windows Scheduler (but usually the most little interval there is Dayly) or manually, via Command Prompt or .bat file. 

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            • Yes! the video is able to play now thank you! However, before i play the video there is still a ... symbol before the video will play is this the appropriate behavior for the video player?

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              • Yes, it means that video isn't yet converted to be played.

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                • thank you!

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