So I installed Spaces, created a new space and entered it, then I click the + button to create a new group and it just creates one for the main site, not just in the space?   What am I doing wrong?!

I did wonder if it would need the "Visible to" setting change to that space, but there is no mention of it or indeed spaces at all?

For context, what I had assumed Spaces would do would be to allow creation of a new space that when someone joined and went to then they would see the same as outside the space but everything they did (posts, creating groups and events etc) would only appear in the space.

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  • Hello cnayl !

    You're making everything correctly. After a new space creation, all new content will have all spaces where the user entered in "Visibility" field.

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    • I think that's where my problem lies as I don't see that option, just the standard levels:


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