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Need help with modifications, etc.

Since I don't feel comfortable doing some modifications/configuration myself, I sometimes need help from UNA experts. I have successfully worked with a few but was wondering if there is a directory or something.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi  caldopollo. Good to see you on this friendly Forum.

    May I humbly offer some advice here. First choose your favorite template. Then familiarize yourself with all the modules, especially Pages, Navigation, Forms, and Developer. You will see that there are literally thousands of options built in.

    Each template has a special place for custom modifications. If you do not utilize this method, you may later regret it. UNA is not built like your average forum or social software. 

    I was too eager to make changes myself - later I was squirting tears. I made the changes in the wrong places, you see. They worked great until it was time to upgrade...

    Learn from my mistakes, all who will.  

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    • Thanks for the advice Canine Domesticus. I only did the modifications needed and the page is almost done, but sometimes it's hard to find the help you're looking for.

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      • You can do custom modifications you just have to make sure you do proper documentation.  That way if you upgrade you can put the custom modifications back in place.  By the way, the auto upgrade can be set so that it will not overwrite files that have been changed.

        The way I use to do it in Dolphin is that I would apply my custom changes to the upgrade files that way they were be applied at the same time I did the upgrades.  I am uncertain how manually updating works in UNA and haven't been able to get any definite answers.

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        • 👍

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          • Another helpful tool is a compare files utility.  Merge is good in WIndows and Linux has Meld.  Mark your code changes so you can easily find them:

            /* Begin changes by Geek Girl */

            code here

            /* End changes by Geek Girl */

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