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Suggestion for embedding third party web app (PWA)?

Has anyone attempted to embed an entire third party single web page or web app (PWA) into a new UNA page?

I have built out some Fediverse apps like Pixelfed (a beautiful open source, decentralized Instagram type app) and I would really like to incorporate it into my una based site.

I have tried using an iframe on a newly created page with the "Raw" block but its not great, particularly since it has interactions other than scrolling. It is even less ideal in the mobile apps. 

I have contemplated creating a native webview for it in the mobile app build but that's a little over my experience level currently.

I will gladly accept all ideas and suggestions. 


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    • Copy and Paste everything as in that page. See where is h1 and where p tag used (I mean copy and paste every tag which is necessary), then use like that on your new page. It will be very compatible to your website and will look also great.

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