Error with latest mobile app files on Android Studio

I'm working through the updated files for mobile app and I can get it working fine with react-native run-android but when  I try and load the project into Android Studio it then gives an error:

Script '/home/cnayl/Android/una-mobile-app-[1.3.0]/node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/native_modules.gradle' line: 191

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating settings 'una'.
> Text must not be null or empty

I tried using the code as is and it ran fine to give the UNA app but gives this error when trying to load into studio?

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  • I didn't get such error so I can only suggest to check your .gradle files if there are some wrong settings there

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    • 2nd Site APK Build Error

      Warning: componentWillMount   and  Warning: componentWillReceiveProps

      I wonder why this error occur in 2nd apk  we build which is same procedure in 1st site apk we build.

      Our first apk build works and have a success build.

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      • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2362&dpx=1&t=1571753606

        Actual error for the 2nd apk any words?

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        • I actually downloaded the project and followed the updated instructions but without changing the Una texts and it compiles and runs okay from command line but when loading into Android studio I get the error. If I load up the previous version all works fine so it's only this new 1.3 edition that has issues and I think it may be related to the updates. Perhaps there is some additional step needed now that isn't mentioned in the read me?

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