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We've waited and waited

We all know the UNAverse app store is dry. AQB Soft and UNA Inc are shipping as fast as they can. I'm jumping in to fill in some of the void. I have teamed up with a credible developer and we will be working on custom modules for my site and apps. We will also ship these apps to the app store for everyone to purchase. 

But before we get cracking it will be nice to hear from the community. I know there are core module issues that UNA will eventually fix but we are focused on expanding the native mobile experience of UNA. 


I have a few ideas. 

1. Tinder module but for content rather than people - swipe left for next post, left for previous, scroll up to comment 

2. Database app - Think Airtable(https://airtable.com/ ) where on the backend you fill up a table with content and it'll push content cards up on the frontend 

3. Import phone book. This is how FB and IG grew, especially WhatsApp contacts and prompted you to invite whoever wasn't already on the app. 

4. Smart matching based on  tags on profiles, so we actually have some logic behind recommended connections 

5. Preference filters for each content module. so instead of searching the user sets preferences and then the content is filtered based on this e.g blogs, posts, news. etc more personalized and less friction for the user

6. JOb board native to UNA 

7. Connect your Instagram/twitter/linkedin feed to your profile 

UNA will obviously be working on the bigger modules like LMS etc but we want to get moving on interaction boosting modules. All wacky ideas are welcome. Suggest below. 

If there are any developers working on modules, I urge you to share your pipeline with the community as it makes little sense to keep things a secret when we will be the ones buying the modules. Andrew Boon Baloo Mark Purser Will Monte Cem LeonidS Alex T⚜️ 

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  • Gritly  Maybe this Telegram Chat might be something to start with as discussed above.

    I'll post a link if you like to take a look at it. I thought it to look very good if one would like to offer member help. https://apps.elfsight.com/panel/applications/telegram-chat/.

    If you think you might be interested in this please contact me so I can give you some ideas for some options  I've had.

    • Good point!

      • I am not sure what you mean by number three; FaceSucks got in trouble because they were mining people's contacts on their phones without their knowledge.

        • I don't think we need telegram. We can probably experiment with a one-click guest login, that pulls them straight to chat messenger that clears out after every session and logs out when window is closed. 

          • Yes detail the ideas on the thread so we can all brainstorm 

            • Me too! That would be awesome!

              • Here's a couple photos of the Telegram Chat.

                 Below is the "Help" button


                Below is the "Help Chat Box"


                • Modzzz had the social feeds module mentioned in number seven for Dolphin; he will probably migrate those mods to UNA.

                  • Gritly 

                    Ok, This is what I'm thinking... 

                    1) Making the "Help Chat box" much smaller so it can be used on mobiles.

                    2) Option to have, or not have Admin, Moderators or maybe others be available to help members. On my site I would like to have Admin and Moderators be available to help members.

                    But on my end I can switch on/off availability.

                    Just a very simple chat box for a help app for member help. I know the members on my site really appreciate the one on one help.

                    • Yes, I have a biker site. (All adults) On the last site I was involved with we had X rated emoji's. People got a real kick outa them. Just a thought.... Lol

                      • Yes, yes! Lol, maybe they can be grouped up so we can choose which ones we prefer for our sites, or choose them individually, whatever works. Emojis are really powerful, they get people to react more often than they normally would, thus, engagement! 

                        • I agree with this. Andrew Boon has a detailed post on this emojis and why they are hard to implement on UNA. But it's on the list for sure 

                          • Geek Girl No mining just a simple way for us to help them send invites to their contacts 

                            • I'm not sure about the help chatbot, as can't you simply just create a profile thats responsible for enquires and issues? Since you want the manual and personal feel to the responses. 

                              • Yes, one profile can be created for a chatbot but one would then have to be looged in as "chatbot". to help members.  If you want say three people to be there to help members.  Would they all have to log in as "help chatbox" and not their own profile too?  It would work much better if the admin could assighn people to be there to help and let them also log in as them self.

                                • For ongoing forum issues, I think your proposal works well. What I think the folks are talking about is a chatbox that appears when you get the first inbound visit of a potential site member. They want a way to engage that user even before the signup process. 

                                  • It seems that this chatbox is hot topic, what if we just created a simple chatbot native to una. 

                                    • Ideally, when the user is unauthenticated you want chatbot available and once user become a member the bot disappears and is replaced by links to moderators ( real people) 

                                      • YES... I for one love this idea.

                                        • Myself and two moderators spend a lot of time helping mostly new users to the site. It would be sooo nice to have one place where all members can go for help. Like a help button. So myself and two moderators could be logged in as our self then see a notice that someone needs help or if we are not logged in one of us will be notified when we log in.

                                          • Right !! A helpdesk. I guess we can also have a ticketing system behind it to help manage inbound issues and track them. 

                                            • Please add some more detail on where the other pain points that you are experiencing with the management of help in your site RightNow 

                                              • As for managing help on my site it's the help file. Having one large file to display a help file. It gets to be very long and difficult for members to find what they may be looking for. Like I have on my dolphin site.

                                                 On my UNA site I found a way to display many topics and every one is much easier to find without have to scroll much at all. it's a Collapsible Set I found at https://www.w3schools.com.

                                                Here is a sample of the help file I have been working on in my UNA site.

                                                This is what you see when going to the help page. All topics are collapsed.


                                                Below is what you see after clicking on a topic. The topic will open up to read info on that topic.


                                                This works very well and it's very easy to find what your looking for without having to scroll as much.

                                                • Modzzz also had a help desk ticket system for Dolphin; I am sure that will be another module he will be bringing to UNA.

                                                  • Modzzz does great work! I have purchased many apps from him! I will be glad to see him here!

                                                    • I don't know much about Dolphin but it seems they had all the sweet apps built on that system, 

                                                      • If we get Modzz and AndrewP here you would see UNA rise.

                                                        • Yes. There are still communities where people actually use computers. My generation for sure

                                                          • Yeah it did

                                                            • If we get Modzz and AndrewP here you would see UNA rise.

                                                              Yes Modzzz yes i heard he might be coming over, AndrewP i don't think. I tried to reach out to him, but was unsuccessful.

                                                              • So hard to find trust and loyalty when it comes down to software, it's ridiculous.


                                                                • Just some food to feed the brain, there are a lot of nice widgets here as well https://apps.elfsight.com/panel/applications/

                                                                  • Yes, thanks you. Will Monte . This is where I found the Telegram Chat. The (HelpBot)     I liked it untill I asked the vender about the following... For me this has some problems like a member would have to download and install the app to use it plus only the owner of the app can use it.

                                                                    • Yes, Gritly.    that would be great for site owners that would like to offer help to their members.

                                                                      • I had asked Modzzz about updating his PKFourms for UNA a while back and he told me that he didn't have plans to do so for maybe a year of so. He said he wanted to wait till UNA was getting more of the bugs worked out and growing.

                                                                        • Yes exactly and what did they say

                                                                          • AndrewP is busy right now  as Senior Developer at Plutora Inc

                                                                            • That's what we are waiting a bug free UNA once we feel comfortable of it will start develop modules.

                                                                              • The vender told me that "Every member would have to download and install Telegram Chat to use it plus on the website end, only the owner of the app can use it to help members.  

                                                                                • I figured they would say something like that. Hmm

                                                                                  • I'm going to try Twitter for now

                                                                                    • Yeah I liked it till I heard that.  After hearing that... I moved on. Lol...

                                                                                      • No good either

                                                                                        • Yes brother that would be awesome, but can admin or moderator have the ability to appear and disappear?

                                                                                          • Maybe sharing files and links or is that too much. Like if your chatting with a visitor and you want to insert a link or a file?

                                                                                            • I have some requests..

                                                                                              1. To be able to add new members
                                                                                              2. To be able to edit passwords.. sorry,  I can't remember gobbledygook 
                                                                                              3. On messenger,  to have a list of online friends

                                                                                              It may be ther things already are there but I haven't found them yet. Thanks! 

                                                                                              • Blythe J you can change a users password its the same thing so its not needed but i would suggest being able to see each users password so we can at least settle a dispute with messenger for stuff like hate messages or worse without changing peoples passwords it looks unprofessional without being able to settle a dispute without changing 2 members passwords to see what has been said also i would not want to change an orgs password at the very least us as admins/webmasters need master access to every aspect of the site thats my only request

                                                                                                • open source is men't to be free and open but i find a lot of it is gated off like messenger i understand kind of why that is but it sets us up for a fall when we get a lot of people saying that we change there passwords all the time to settle a simple dispute and that we should be able to do it without the need of a pass change and i agree a lot of websites use this system because as its our website its our responsibility to look after our members and what we have built i like una but i wish i had access to every aspect of the site Baloo made a post also on this about how we should be able to see a users membership level and expirary date when we go to there profile and that is also true Alex T⚜️ 

                                                                                                  • on a side note i like your idea Gritly i may look for a developer to collab with also to make apps for me and set them free to the una marketplace for people to buy

                                                                                                    • Why not just hire UNA to do the custom modules and apps for you? They are the team of developers that wrote the script and therefore, do not need to learn as a third party dev would? Might just save you some time, money, and headaches? Not to mention, the great support is there also from Andrew Boon Alex T⚜️ UNA Inc Anton L Mark Purser and the many others on the team.