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UNA app seems faster today

Is it just me or does the UNA app seems worlds faster ? 

Andrew Boon 

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  • May be your router. Or a change in position of the computer in reference to the router. Or using an ethernet cable connect instead of wi-fi. Or........... so many other factors.

    • Nothing to do with routers. 

      • Yes, UNA.IO iOS App was updated to v.1.3 yesterday and approved by Apple. If your apps auto-update you'll see the improvement. It is much faster than v1.2 and we are working on making further performance gains in next update. 

        • So if UNA is already approved by Apple and you show it on an app Of someone’s you helped put together to function correctly as far as on the coding and tech side of things then when the app is ready to be launched will another approval by Apple be needed for the owner of the app?

          • Apple reviews each apk package - so when, say, you submit GeeBeeSocial app to AppStore it is treated as a completely new app and is reviewed as such. They don't even know it's based on UNA source code, plus you could potentially modify and compile with any kind of additional integrations. They also review the site itself, since it's loading in web view as part of the app - so it has to be compliant with App Store guidelines (which is why you don't see iOS native apps for porn sites, for example).

            • As for updates - they review each update as well, though they only review the difference and it takes less time than the original submission.

              • Hey Gritly , have you completely installed or setup your mobile?

                • On a separate but related matter, pertaining to the MAC desktop and MAC laptop speed - there was definitely an increase about a month ago. Apparently the System updates and the Safari browser updates have delivered improvements. Likewise for the new Catalina update from a few days ago.

                  Considering the complexity and versatility of UNA it is a remarkable thing to now see it open with a BANG.  :)