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Any way to design JOT by itself? [Solved]

I want to change background and font colors and button icon design on JOT messenger separate from the main website. There doesn't seem a way to do this without changing the entire Mix. Anyone know if this can be done? [Solved] copied and pasted code like this Administrator Studio>Designer App> Injections> Header

.bx-messenger-block {
background-color:red !important;

Change (red) to desirable HTML color

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  • Awesome! Will try this! 

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    • I found the answer when searching in Discussions. Hopefully in the future there will be a way to put some type of marking next to posts that have been solved so people can easily find answers faster. The code I put changes the background but unfortunately didn't answer how to change buttons/icons. But hey it's a great start

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      • Yep, already changed mine. Thanks 

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        • Hello,

          All other parts of the design can be changed using the same way, you just need to the check css classes via browsers console and then to overwrite existed class in studio->design->injections.

          Example how to replace send button:

          .bx-messenger-post-box-send-button .sys-icon.arrow-up::before,
          .bx-messenger-post-box-send-button .fa-arrow-up::before {
          content: url(../../modules/boonex/messenger/template/images/icons/send.png);
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