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Implement buttons in Post editor full view mode

While choosing "Full view" when creating a post or discussion there is no "Done" or "Submit" button that exits the full window view and/or submits the post. Pressing exit out of full window view after writing just exits the window and jumps me all the way up to the top of my page making you have to scroll back down to find your post. Full window mode needs a Submit button and a Discard button to prevent the jumping around when exiting full window mode


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  • Hello Will Roberts 

    Well, usually we have the submit "Publish" or "Save" button directly in the form (like in the attached screen). You may move it closer to the text-area field via Forms app in Studio.

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    • I understand but like I was saying once you leave full window view the screen jumps to the top of the page leaving you to have to scroll back down to find your spot you left off on. This happens on Mobile phones. image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2583&dpx=1&t=1575387164

      Once you exit full window mode is when the jump happens. This is important for mobile phones because the editor by itself jumps and shifts constantly due to the keyboard on phones popping up and down. Also when resizing images it's really hard to do because keyboard takes up half the screen. 

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