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Considering to sell Dolphin site

Ok, here is something that i been thinking for a while. I been with boonex since 2010 and i have also spent alot of money over in boonex, purchasing many top modules. I wanted to know if anyone has ever sold their dolphin site and how to go about it? I have not yet decided on the price, i'm just thinking about it. :)

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    • In my opinion, you will have to see what it's worth to the person looking. You can put a price tag on it based on what you feel it's worth, how much you've invested into it, if it's generating revenue. Other than that, just list it on different forums and see what kind of feedback you get. Doesn't hurt to advertise.

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      • link?

        Remember you're also selling data. Be careful with legal.Β 

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        • Very true, forgot about that

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          • This is very complicated. Β As for the data; if the ToS stipulates that any member content uploaded to the site becomes the property of the site, then no problem there. Β If you are letting members post content where they retain the copyright then that might be a problem with selling the site. Β As far as the Dolphin license transfer; that is not possible under Boonex. Β There has been people that have sold their accounts under the table and that is hard to trace. Β If you did this, then you would not be able to use that Dolphin license for the UNA apps; not sure if Boonex is tracking this or not but the license would be owned by someone else. Β Of course Boonex is letting people use their Dolphin license on both a Dolphin site and the UNA site; not sure how they are tracking this.

            If you tried to just sell the site files and database without member content, you then run into the problem with the third party modules as the license agreement of many don't allow transfer of the modules either; they are tied to the Boonex account so you can't keep the Boonex account and transfer the modules. Β As I said, very complicated.

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            • True, i''ll just stay with it and maybe rent it out for someone to use it, but i own it.

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