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[SOLVED] Translation via xml file ignored on the site


I have some problems getting translation working. This is about Persons module.

I created a new language xml file translated using original en.xml, - as it says here: https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Creating-new-language-module

Issue 1) - whatever I do translated phrases in my local xml file are still visible in English (being ignored on website)

Issue 2) - I tried to disable (deactivate) the module from its page and then to uninstall it completely from the Studio dashboard. But when I click on the X icon to delete it shows error message: Module is pending uninstall already. 

I wanted to reinstall the module to get the translated  xml file working. But I stack now having translation not working and not beeing able to get the module deleted (to reinstall it again).

All types of cache are disabled.

I'v tried to use Developer module to recompile my language/all languages files. It does not work either.

Please help.

- Is it possible to make changes directly in module's xml language file and to recompile language somehow to get a new translated phrases working?

I prefere to have translation saved into MY.xml file rather than done via Polyglot. So I am able to reinstall it without loosing all translation as when it is saved into the database.


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  • Ok, for others having similar problem with translating modules to their local language

    Install Developer module

    Go to Developer/Polyglot and choose Your language for required module - click on Restore 'yourlanguage' for 'someodule' module button. 

    F5 on the front page.

    Dont use Recompile 'yourlanguage' language for all modules'  nor Recompile all as it wont work in this scenario.

    Use RESTORE button for the language/module pair as it will read your new language phrases from the xml file.

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    • Hi, I made it as you wrote here. What exactly is the difference between "restore" and "recompile"? Anybody can confirm that it is impossible to use "Restore all"?

      But I have one big problem: to restore /update changes in /system/language.xml I use "Restore" in the Developers modul (as described above) with "Mylanguage". But I cant see all the changes! or example if I want to leave a comment to any post, in this form there is english "leave your comment here" and choosing visibilityI still have everything in english "Only me" ... "Friends" ... . Yes,I doublechecked my translation in the regarding file (system). It is translated - bu seems that it will not be imported. Even in the Polyglott I searched for this entry: it is in english - not in the translated language.

      SO, how can I "restore" or better import / update all values / translations of this file?

      Thank you for your help because I really need this translation for many users.


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      • Hello walhalla !

        The "Restore" action means that you drop your changes made via the Polyglot app and turn back the info from the XML files of your language.

        The "Recompile" means that recreation the cache language PHP file for the current language.

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        • Hi Leonid,
          OK, thanks. Seems that this "Restore" doesn't work completely. For example I have "entrada" in my xml-file - but in the system (database / Polyglot and on the site) I still get the english version "entrance"!

          Can I use this "recompile"? Because here he said that we should NOT use because some things will breake? Anyonne tested and can confirm?

          Thanks Walhalla

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