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Installation of apps

Hi there.

First I want to thank the team for making a system that looks so sexy and seems incredibly easy, though comprehensive. You are doing a great job, and I am loooking forward to supporting you and your work as soon as I get this site up and running as an MVP. I am going to make a fresh site with UNA, and have some experience with Dolphin from a long time ago.

I am wondering about two things.

1. When I download apps, f.ex Timeline free app, where do I install them? I know how to do it in Dolphin, but not here. I have tried uploading them via Ftp and extracxting from there, but I can`t seem to find the right folders.

2. I have been provided both key and secret for eronett.no, but it seems to be something wrong. When I try to press AppsMarket from the studio and then try to browse from there, I only get "The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match".

Thank you for your replies in advance :-).

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  • Installing Apps is very simple with UNA. But before you can do that, we need to fix #2 first.. So here is how you do that:

    First, you need to make sure that you entered the Key and Secret from UNA into your site's Studio > Settings > General area. If needed, you can reset the key by doing the steps below. 

    First, go to this URL here at UNA and click the button on the far right to "reset" your key:


    Then re-add the key (Add New Key):

    You will need to put the FULL URL to your website there. So for example: 



    Once that is done, go back into enter the Key/Secret in your site's Studio > Settings > General area.

    You check to make sure it is working by going into Studio > Apps Market and click something like Storefront.

    Depending on the plan you have here at UNA, you can see what already comes with UNA by clicking the Purchased link on the side menu of the Apps Market. You can simply click the Install button on anything you may want to install. 

    For any "Free" apps in the Apps Market, all you need to do is click the Download button first. Then click the "Downloaded" link on the side menu to see if it downloaded. From there, you can click install. 

    All done! No need to FTP/Extract,etc. 

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    • Thank you so much!

      I actually figured it out bu deleting the keys I had and generating new ones with the correct url format (Y). Now everything works as a charm.

      I will rate your answer 12/10 stars :-D.

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      • Norwayclub - we are very pleased that you find our platform to be sexy 🥰

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        • I just observed that this is not the mark of gear in the picker, if the animals of others, let it be among you to use the program.

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          • Ellie. I am sorry to say that I didn`t quite understand what your comment was all about. Would you mind to rephrase?

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            • I performed above steps and now i get error "Wrong incoming data" when i try to download any app 

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              • I recently installed and started to configure UNA 11.0.2 adding only system and critical apps/modules. Then I was having issues with SSL because when I obtained my first key/secret, I didn't realize SSL wasn't active. I tried to force SSL with htaccess but it broke so I deleted and obtained a NEW key/secret with SSL. Most of the core was/is still working but can't access certain apps (FB, Li, G!, Tw, Develop.) I also can't get into settings to revert to the non-SSL key/secret. I've cleared cache, and looked at other options but no dice. Any suggestions? If so, thanks in advance.

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                • Hello Earth Local !

                  The key-secret pair and these integrations (FB, Li, G!, Tw, Develop) require the certain situation with domain and SSL-no SSL option. If you haven't installed SSL then you need to reconfigure your keys and the settings in the mentioned parts.

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