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Email confirmation fails

I have installed the software on eronett.no and have registered some test users. The thing is that even though I have confirmed the email addresses, I still get this notification when I log in:

"Your email address is unconfirmed. Please, check your email (morten_2116@live.no) for a confirmation letter and click email confirmation link. Can't find the letter? Check your SPAM folder or send the verification letter again. "

What is wrong?

I also sent an email yesterday concerning converting Dolphin licences to UNA, but haven`t gotten a reply yet. Any idea on how log it takes to get response to contact emails?


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  • Anyone?

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    • Hello Norwayclub !

      So please specify - did you check the spam folders? If there is no messages from your site then you need to check it via Studio->Dashboard->Host tools->Server audit area, the "Mail sending " link. Click it and check what is the info there.

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      • Hi there, and thank you for the reply :-). The issue was that I had activated the email from before, and no matter how many times I tried, I just got the message that it already had been validated.

        Anyway, I reinstalled everything and it works like a charm now.


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