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some questions


have some questions:

1. how can i change the  size of menu?  mean this, when you click on the 3 lines symbol and a submenu opens, where you can click to startpage, polls, blogs, etc...

2. how to enable, that admin can have also a relationship with members?

3. how can i remove the fields "selected friends..." and "selected relationships..." for user when they try to add something, or is it possible to allow this for user?

4. how can i change the menu, when you click on your name? this open a menu with links like add, dash, profile, settings, etc

5. is it possible, that members can deactivate their profile like in dolphin and admin can see  deactivated profiles?

6. how can i prevent, that a user give himself a like? maybe this is a bug in una script? you can try it, when you go to your profile, you can make a like to yourself^^

7. what does the option, to make somebody to a favorite?

8. how can i add a article or news like in dolphin?

9. is it possible to export and import the settings/languages/layout to a other una site?

i must transfer 2 other sites to una, but it needs so much time for one site. if i must do every step again for the other 2 sites, i kick my laptop out of the window and then i following him 😉 

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  • Hello Someone07 !

    1) All menu settings actions can be done in Stuido->Navigation app. Just find a proper menu and add / edit / remove items there. See more details here https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Navigation-Builder .

    2 and 4) Admin should have own profile.

    3) Sorry, this is the part of the core, better to disable the "Visibility" field completely or don't touch it at all.

    5) Members may delete their accounts and profiles. Admin may disable accounts via Studio->Accounts app.

    6) Settings the limit of likes only via Studio->Permissions area.

    7) Can be disabled / edited in Navigation->Perosns->view profile area.

    8) By default, there are no similar apps in UNA. You may try to find in our Market - https://una.io/page/products-home

    9) In common ways need to keep the sys_options_* and sys_localisation_* tables.

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    • thanks for reply.

      when i understand it correct, it is not possible, to prevent user to vote their own profile, can only disable it?

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      • Yes, it's correct. You may only limit this action for them to prevent the spending their limits on this part or disable it completely.

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