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ADs Module Price Edit

Where can I find to edit the price on the view that shows on ADs home and on timeline to not auto set to USD currency. We do more then real selling so sometimes people may want to put a different currency. Where could I edit so it just shows whatever is put in the box? So for example: If was to put $1/week or 1000 Gold that is what I would like to show for price :) Weird question, just wondering what file I would need to look in to edit this. Been looking all over the place. I tried to disable price box, but it just makes everything show up $0.00. 

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  • Hello Kyle !

    In UNA 11 the Price field is the text box where you may set any values like $200 or 500 rub etc.

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    • I am on 11 and it does not ask you curency it just defaults to dollars. Do you know where the field can be edited in the code itself? I dont need it to show currencies so. Need to make it so it just displays what is typed in the box or add my own, but removing makes the ads show 0.00 if you disable the block thats already there. 

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      • This info is passed through the code like:

        if(!empty($CNF['FIELD_PRICE']) && !empty($aContentInfo[$CNF['FIELD_PRICE']]))

             $sPrice = _t_format_currency((float)$aContentInfo[$CNF['FIELD_PRICE']]);

        The function _t_format_currency takes the default values of in the payment settings. So you need to edit the code like above to get rid from this signs in your Ads. But in this case, you will have loose the advantages of the automatic upgrades.

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