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Discussion Topic Length

I'll really like my discussion Title to come in full text. The obvious default setting is that it fades away at some point if it's too long. I want mine to display all the texts and be responsive. 

How can I go about this modification please. Its really important to me cuz I feel people don't pick interest in reading a discussion if they can't read the topic of that discussion in full.

I'll really appreciate some help on this. 


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    • Hello Kelvin30286063 !

      It looks like you mean the mobile view. So you may decrease the titles font and remove the user's thumbs.

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      • Yes I mean the mobile view, how can I remove the user's thumbs?

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        • You may clear the whole content of modules\boonex\forum\template\entry-author.html and then clear the cache via Dashboard. But it will take the effect in all modes of the Discussions app.

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