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No nav menu on Android and iSO

LeonidS , Alex T⚜️ , Andrew Boon

 Hello, We are trying to set up mobile aps and ran into a problem.  The problem seems to be in the site somewhere because it's affecting both Anroid and iOS apps..  This is all we need now to release our mobile apps  I hope someone can help.

 All menus seem to be working fine except the navigation menu. We tried everything we can think of but nothing seems to help. The site is on the UNA cloud so we can not test the site software.  I thought  LeonidS  was helping but I haven't heard from him in a couple days and he isn't replying to my messages.  Can someone from the UNA team please help 

I attached the Android apx app to an UNA support email for testing.

 Thanks, John


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  • Hello John Curtis !

    May you please specify the defined mobile devices, Android version and the browsers where you have this trouble?

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