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Customizing Template

I am having three issues with customizing the template:

How to resize Logo in header?

How to change bkgd color?

What header size should be so it don't distort?

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    • Hello Kimberly McClain !

      1) You may decrease the size of the logo in Studio->Designer->Logo section. 

      2) If you use the default template (Protean) then this parameter can be corrected via Studio->Protean->Styles section. Just press "Add new Mix" and start to change all available parameters of header, footer, body etc.

      3) You may correct the best for you in the mentioned area.

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      • I appreciate Kimberly asking, and you, Leonid, answering this question. I had the same questions. So, I created a new mix ("dark footer") and have changed my colors in it and saved it. It appears when I return to that area and the styles are just as I saved them. That's a good start. Do I now click on "Publish" or "Export"? How do I make "dark footer" take effect? I have tried a few things like making it the default, but the footer doesn't change. I looked at the navigation settings and could not see how to change it there. Would you mind walking me through that part? Thanks.

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