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Miscellaneous problem notifications

As Chris to some notification problems I created two accounts on its site this is what I notice.

I did the test that you can see below with the same result

1. No email received, neither for Baloo, nor for TFL, moreover I am almost sure that when a friendship was finalized, the initiator received an email.
2. The red counter on the bell is well incremented but when I open the drawer there is nothing new for Baloo.

So I thought, let's do the same thing on my site, I created two new accounts and redo the same experience for exactly the same result.

Then I reproduced the experience on UNA test site




Same, zero email notifications for everything, except emails for account creation.
And also this counter problem which increases for the TFL account but without notifications in the drawer.

So I think there is a problem here.

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    • Good catch, testing and explanation. I also noticed a lack of notifications on my site.

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      • Hello Baloo
        I tried to reproduce the issue on ci.una.io.

        1. I created a new profile Anton.
        2. Posted a 'Test post' in home page Feed.
        3. Using another Admin profile I commented the post.

        Am I doing anything wrong?

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        • Don't forget! If you open a menu popup with On-site notifications then all of them are marked as read and you won't receive Email and Push notifications.

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          • Ahhhh! Indeed I forgot this little detail, I also forgot why the 30 second delay was created so in the end it works well. notice, in a previous post, you wrote that I was always right, so I believed you! :-)

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            • I'm glad we went through this exercise, because I didn't realize the significance of the delay until now! Thanks guys!

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