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Jot Server

I've set up the Jot Server on my server using port 3000 but I cannot telnet to it. when using (lsof -i :3000) I can see node listening to port 3000 through IPv6 .. I can telnet to localhost 3000 but can't telnet to my server using the IP address. The firewall is set to allow connections on port 3000. Any idea where might be the problem?

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  • Hello,

    Port should be opened for external connections and available from users browsers. So you need to make it work so that telnet be able to connect. Usually, problem in firewall and also if you have certificate and use httplink, you need to use secure port and set paths to cert files on your server in Jot config, otherwise browser will block the all attempts to connect to the server.

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    • it was the Iptables rules that have been blocking the port, thanks Alexey :)

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