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getting rid of the square resizing on profile pix

OH! I figured out where to post a thread! I'm back! <> hope I can find this page again too.

So I noticed that when I upload a profile pic it forces me to resize it to square shape like (BOOO) Instagram, dread stinkbook company lol

I was carefully reading the start guide and made it to

Studio > settings > general 

and I see in there  "Image width to resize before upload (0 - disable) "

If I put "0" will that stop the square resizing thingy and allow people to upload non square pix? Also I noticed I can't "edit" on a post once I click on the picture and it gets big, the edit button was no longer working, and there's no place to caption photos, but I will tackle one thing at a time here so I don't go underwater again.


Syd! (mergedia)

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  • UPDATE: That did not do it. So I reverted to putting some numbers in there that were close to the ones I recall were in there originally.

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