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Language Translation

I am hoping there is a way to translate ALL languages, not just German and Russian...Β 

I recall Google used to have a little bit of code that could be used to put on a site that allowed translation to any language. It slowed the site down but it worked! And it translated the entire site at the click of a drop down menu....

I've no idea if the site code could be accessed for that, if its still around, where to drop it in the code, or anything else if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it! Maybe it can go in the header section, i saw that somewhere.... oh yes it was in "DESIGNER APP" I think πŸ˜€Β 

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    • THANK YOU TO PATRICIA for the answer to this!!!!!!

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      • Hi, I am interested to do it and collaborate with this initiative.

        I was think with an API (Google Translate , Deepl or something similar)

        Have you otherΒ  ideas to advance with that?

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