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making site navigation simple

There are just too many tabs right now for a member on my site, and I am in "navigations" module and super confused as there are just so many of them to pick from. 

All I am trying to do right now is remove the "relationships with me" on the sidebar menu for a member, as I think its superfluous what with "relationships" being right above that.

I've clicked on all the things with 15 items and  cant find it! ahhhh

What is the menu item called in the navigations module for that? Thanks!


PS: Also I clicked on various methods of showing the menu 'vertical links' for instance in the "site menu" and it didn't change it at all,,, I know I was in the right area as I clicked "home" button on and off and saw it appear and disappear

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    • I'm super overloaded looking through all these menus but at least i found one of them that I was looking for the other day to modify and got it!

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      • oops. apparently I've deleted that entire block anyway. well, I can't find it, i cant get it back lol and I'm ok with that, it was too many links and menus anyway 😁 problem solved lol

        still cant make the menu (top left corner, three lines)  appear vertically however, not sure if that will be an issue or not in other areas

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        • in my humble opinion, una is just great.  in menu, you can do everything, you can modify the menus of the system, of each module and even export or import the menus from one module to another module.  you just need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for and you will find your way.  it's easy to help you if you're doing it with captures.

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          • Hi Mergedia

            Not sure if you've had an answer from anyone, but the menu down the left hand side that you were talking about, is called Profile Stats, so just go to menus, load that one up and switch on and off the features that you want there.

            Hope this helps ;)

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