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No friends count? Relationships ... an idea for navigation module....

I've noticed two things:

the friends tab I don't see a number of friends. I was hoping that the site would count the number of friends (and have unlimited friends) because social influencers love to use sites that have loads of friends in their friends list for bragging rights. Is there a way to turn the number counter on?

also, I see that there is a "relationships" link right under the profile name, but on "Info" there is a "relationships" box

I wanted to turn off the link and see if it disappears out of the "info" page (hopefully not, then I can delete a link) but, I can't re-find that menu item in "navigation" module.

I had an idea for it because I'm going insane clicking navigation links a thousand times just to not find the area I am looking for; what if you make a photo representation of the pages of the site, and do different colored circles on each area, and what the name of that item is and how many items it is and if its vertical or horizontal, that way we can quickly find it? I'm afraid to change the name on whatever I find as of now in case someone helps me and sends me to "THAT NAME" (I tried to add on some info at the end of the name but it doesn't show up )

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    • can you take screenshots, it can help us understand what you are looking for. Β and see if we can help you.

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