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How to change the video size at timeline feed?

How to change the video size at timeline feed. The videos size is very small? why? you can see photo? anyone know, please help. Thank you?

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    • Hello Senthur !

      First of all, this is the mobile "vertical" video. You may correct the height of the future videos via editing the record in the `sys_transcoder_filters` table. The bold number in the following code means the height of the videos there:

      INSERT INTO `sys_transcoder_filters` (`transcoder_object`, `filter`, `filter_params`, `order`) VALUES

      ('bx_timeline_videos_mp4', 'Mp4', 'a:2:{s:1:"h";s:3:"318";s:10:"force_type";s:3:"mp4";}', 0),

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        • Do I have to edit this from database. Β I am sorry I don’t know where is the place to update?

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          • Well, if you want to increase it till 500 instead of 318 then do the following query in your UNA database (backup this table first):

            UPDATE `sys_transcoder_filters` SET `filter_params`='a:2:{s:1:"h";s:3:"500";s:10:"force_type";s:3:"mp4";} ' WHERE `transcoder_object`='bx_timeline_videos_mp4';

            And then clear all caches via Dashboard.

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            • OK, thank you

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