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Video on splash page

Is it possible to embed a video on the splash page?

I want to change the image for a video and see it correctly on desktop and mobile.


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    • Yea it's possible.Β  It's an html canvas so you can insert vide using the regular html tagsΒ 

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      • Hi ACC Β 

        What are regular html tags?

        I did not want to use the code provided by YouTube for example, because it is an iframe and I understand that its use is not recommended.

        Another alternative I can think of is to upload the video (.mp4) to my site, but I don't know how to insert it later on the splash page.

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        • If you're on cloud.Β  Upload it using the storage mode,Β  copy the url and insert on page using html video tagsΒ 

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          • Hi ACC

            My site is hosted at TMD Hosting, for now on a shared hostign. I just uploaded the file through Storage, but I am thinking that if I do this I will generate a significant demand for resources in the hosting, and as I said, it is a shared hosting.

            Is there any other way to insert a YouTube video without using iframes?

            What I want to do is replace the image displayed here https://tnoa.com.ar/ with a video of the same size.

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            • If you are still trying to figure this out feel free to reach out to me. Β I hacked around for a while and managed to finally get it working for the Plyr video player module. Β Not an ideal solution, but it works. Β 

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