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google & location search

Using cloud4, UNA11

Multiple tries to get the location search done were a waste of time. I have to tell You, location search is not working properly. There is no search form where location search is successful. (Maybe the reason why there is no location search here on the UNA forum)

So also the add. modules handling locations (picker, maps, eventmaps +) are some kind of useless. Of course one can work with different maps and even more maps, if mapbox and thunderforest APIs are installed. But a good looking mapentry will be no more than a good looking mapentry. Great. But useless, when one cannot SEARCH for these locations / entries... 

A solide core location module, a solide core location search is a must for a social site. with or without google. Without google would be better.

A mix of both, on the one hand you dont need google for maps and have alternative maps BUT on the other hand google is a must to search the different location entries in different modules is a fail par excellence.

Reading the forums: there are many threads and discussions about problems with setup and configuration of google, location, loc.search in different modules like persons search, events and the cowork between una-core modules and third-party-mods and many others...

But missing in the forums: 1 clear statement, including 

a) complete setup instructions, step by step, including all dependencies concerning google, api, location search and of course third-party-modules dependencies

b) a list of known problems and bugs, so users dont waste their time, I guess most of them are experienced users and not coders

c) a solide timetable when known problems will be solved 

d) plans for a 100% replacement of the google-universe in UNA. A clear NO PLAN would be better, than douzens of laters and maybe near futures... I hope there are plans for this.

If anybody has a fully functional setup of location & location search within all una-core-mods --> chapeau 😎 

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    • Hi Peter

      I followed the steps indicated here: https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/FAQ#3-how-to-generate-google-maps-api- and now the "Location" field that I use in creating the profiles is working.

      It is worth mentioning that in order for it to work, I had to create a billing account (loading the data from a credit card).

      At least until now I had no problems.


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      • Hello, a list of known bugs and improvements exists, you can find this on Github. Here is the link for version 11.0.1 and 12. Also if you look at this ticket, big changes are planned for the localization in 12.

        Do you know this wiki, it already contains a lot of information ...

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        • Hi Peter - thanks for your feedback - as the respondents above have instructed, a lot of this information that you seek is contained on GitHub. With regard to Point A, we are working on a definitive guide to the UNA-verse, it's very high priority for us, so you should see something very soon. 

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          • Hi Peter
            Today we've released an update to Location Picker which now makes the search by location working. I.e. if a pointer is placed on a map on a search form then the search by a pointed city/town should be applied. We've decided to ignore a more granular location like zip, street and street_number so it applies a filter by city and upper only.

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            • Hi AQB soft can you explain this more please. do you mean we can search through a form like "hardrock cafe" ?

              this is one of the needs that my users are talking aboutç

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              • Cem
                Prior to this update the Location Picker wasn't affecting the search pages at all. So the Location field there was default (based on Google geocoding). With the latest update the Location field on search form is also represented with a map now. In case a marker is placed on a map during search operation - this does the search inside the city/town under the marker (not at exact lat/long coordinates of a marker, because this makes no sense, but at the city/town which the marker belongs to).

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                • A good step, thank You AQB Soft !

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                  • Thank You for You comment, very appreciated Its's not about the money, its about the datapower of google ;)

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                    • Thx Baloo!

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